Joana Rodrigues


  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology at UNIUBE - University of Uberaba, 1989;

  • Postgraduate course (lato sensu) in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at UNIUBE and SPPSP (Psychoanalysis Regional Council of Brazilian State of Sao Paulo);

  • Specialization in Psychomotricity Therapy - CADI;

  • Infant Observation Course, Esther Bick Method - SPspb;

  • Psychoanalysis Diploma Course - SPBspb

André Lucas, DMD

Specialist dentist

  • Bachelor's degree in Dentistry at UNIUBE - University of Uberaba, 1997

  • Former military dentist of Aeronautics, accredited in Implantdontics and Prosthodontics by the Naval Hospital in 2001;

  • Specialist in Implantdontics and Oral Rehabilitation by Funorte (DF);

  • Oral and Aesthetic Rehabilitation course by Professor Laerte Schenkel - RS (who works with nanotechnology and cell therapy in Implantdontics).

Alessandra Carvalho Vieira da Silva


CRP 01 17054

Specialist in Clinical Psychology with Psychoanalytic approach and specialization in Education for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity. She has special training in psycho-diagnosis, perinatal loss, psychology in hospitals and suicidal behavior. She also has experience in Organizational and Work Psychology, acting as vocational expert and specialist in work psychopathology. She is currently a Clinical Psychologist and offers her services for children, adolescents and adults on a psychoanalytic basis.

Brenda Ricardina Oliveira do Carmo

Speech-language therapist

Postgraduate Degree in Speech.

Experience in Speech Disorder as a whole (delayed speech or language development) and Orofacial Motricity (pre/post orthodontic appliance and post stroke recovery).

Cecilia Maria Girão Gomes


CRP 01/18437

Psychologist holding a Master's degree in Psychology at University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR), with a semester of studies taken at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). She works and studies the following topics: psychoanalysis, child development, inclusive education, autism, psychic constitution. Services for children, adolescents and adults.

Erika Larissa de Vasconcelos


Nutricionista, graduada em Nutrição pela Unitri-MG (Jul/2015) e Pós-graduada em Gastronomia Funcional pela Famesp-SP (Set/2015). Atuação na área de emagrecimento, reeducação alimentar e nutrição esportiva.

Gisele Marques


Specialist in functional disorders (dyslexia-adhd-pacap-dyscalculia);

Literacy and rehabilitation using the Phonovision Articulatory Method (Boquinhas Method);

Autism / Global Developmental Delay.

Francine Mariana Baruffardi Volpi


She works with depression, suicidal behavior, anxiety, bipolar and borderline disorders, compulsion, chemical dependency, bariatric surgery and deferentectomy (vasectomy).

Liliane Veras Soares


Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Postgraduate studies in Human Resources and Coaching at UniCeub. She attended Coaching Trainings at Instituto EcoSocial and Evo Coaching. She has more than 9 years of experience in Human Resources and more than 5 years working with People Development and Leadership. She acts as Life Coach and Career Coach, specializing in Personal and Professional Development.

Luciana Rodrigues


CRP 01/20184

Business administrator since 1999, specialist in Strategic Planning. Psychologist since 2017, she is currently attending postgraduate studies (lato sensu) in psychopathology, psychoanalysis and the unconscious mind (with clinical practice) at IFAR, as well as a course on Freud and Lacan with Psychoanalyst Giovanna Quaglia. She has joined the groups of Lacanian studies promoted by the psychoanalyst Dr. Luciana Salun - University of Brasília -, Ordália Junqueira at the Brazilian School of Psychoanalysis - EBP - and the Lacanian Association of Brasília - ALB.

Rodolfo Barbosa

Psychologist with Psychoanalytic approach

Currently attending postgraduate studies in Psychoanalytical Theory, offered at Uniceub and by the Council of Psychoanalysis of Brasília (SPBsb).

He offers services for children, adolescents, adults and seniors.